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10 Pair Cat5e Highband Disconection Module TSF-101D

Publisher: MJADOM

Author: Andy

RGP-TSF-101D 10 Pair Cat5e Krone Highband Disconnection Module is made up of PBT & Phosphor Bronze with Silver-plated, The highband module far exceeds the current 100MHz Category 5E transmission requirements of  TIA/EIA 568-B.


RGP-TSF-101D 10 Pair Cat5e Krone Highband Disconnection Module is widely used in Main Distribution Frame and ideal connectivity products, Krone Highband Module adopts IDC ( Insulation Displacement Connection ) technique. The outside material is Flame retardant performance PBT, The contact pin is phosphor bronze with silver-plated, The highband module far exceeds the current 100MHz Category 5E transmission requirements of  TIA/EIA 568-B and ISO/IEC DIS 11801 with a large performance reserve for future higher transmission rates.


Voice, high-speed data transmission via ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, cable TV, Internet access, mobile networks, MJADOM'S copper connectivity solutions are designed to deliver fast, safe and reliable transmission.


MJADOM offers a full range of Krone LSA-PLUS Disconnection Module & Connection Module & Krone Highband Module & STG Module & Back Mount Frame and Gas Discharge Tube Protective Unit.


The contacts are silver plated and made from special phosphor bronze.

Krone Highband Cat5e module shells are moulded from ductile PBT plastic featuring very high chemical resistance frames.

All modules are mountable on standard mounting frames and back mount frames, the frame is stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and has labeled the grounding point.

The cutting block allows testing without having to remove the jumper.

Number of reattachment more than 200 cycles.

The blocks are LSA PLUS technology of insulation displacement contact 45°.

Include the material needed for assembly and respective rear mounting tray.

Krone Highband Disconnection Modules are terminated with the standard KRONE termination tool.

100 Pairs strip has 11 slots in the front to hold 10 blocks type LSA PLUS and a label holder.

A range of accessories is available for single and multi-pair patching, labeling, numbering, and disconnecting.

Product Details:

 TypeRGP-TSF-101DStyle10 Pair Cat5e Highband Disconnection Module
Transmission and reliabilityExceeds Cat 5e TIA/EIA 568-BDimensions (HxWxD)


(Size: 20.5x40x123mm);

Contact resistance< 2.5 m ohmsInsulation resistance≥ M5*104 M ohm at 500 VDC
Dielectric strength ≥ 1.5k VACSurge voltage strength≥ 2.5k AV
Voltage/current rating at  25C ambient≤ 150 VAC at 2.5 A maxPlug-in loss<0.4dB(50 KHz-21MHz)

Housing: PBT/ABS, self-extinguishing UL94 V-0.

Contact: Special Phosphor bronze with silver-plated.

 Capacity 10 Pair


Main distribution frames of exchanges.

In cross-connection cabinets and terminating boxes.

In building entrance distributors.

In-floor distributors or in PABXs for voice and data distribution.


Order Info:

  Item No. Product Description
RGP-TSF-101A10 Pair LSA-PLUS Krone Disconnection Module
RGP-TSF-101B10 Pair LSA-PLUS Krone Connection Module
RGP-TSF-101D10 Pair Cat5e Highband Disconnection Module
RGP-TSF-101H19" Rack 15 Way Recessed Back Mount Frame With LSA-PLUS Module
RGP-TSF-202A10 Pairs 3 Pole Overvoltage Protection Magazine With Gas Discharge Tube