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10 Pair Krone LSA-PLUS Disonnection Module, TSF-101A

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Author: Andy

The RGP-TSF-101A 10 Pair LSA-PLUS Disconnection Module is widely used in Main Distribution Frame and ideal connectivity products, Krone LSA-PLUS adopts IDC ( Insulation Displacement Connection ) technique.


10-Pairs Disconnection Module

A 10-pair disconnection module is a piece of telecommunications equipment used within the telecommunication and data fields. It serves as a junction point for 10 separate pairs of wires, allowing for their independent connection or disconnection.

These modules are commonly used within distribution frames, where they facilitate the connection of various circuits. Due to the independent nature of the wire pairs within the module, individual circuits can be tested, rerouted, or troubleshot without causing disruption to the remaining circuits.

Such modules are frequently employed in settings like telephone exchanges and other telecommunication distribution sites. Their design emphasizes both compactnesses for space efficiency and ease of use. Additionally, due to their critical role in telecommunications infrastructure, these modules are manufactured to meet high-reliability standards.

The Krone LSA outside material is Flame retardant performance PBT / ABS, The Krone Module contact pin is phosphor bronze with silver plated. Have a good Reliable connection.


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MJADOM offers a full range of Krone LSA-PLUS Disconnection Modules & Connection Modules & Highband Modules & STG Modules & Back Mount Frames and Gas Discharge Tube Protective Units.

A 10-pair disconnection module is a vital component within telecommunication and data transmission infrastructures. It's compact design and efficient functionality offer a strategic point for connecting or disconnecting ten distinct wire pairs.

The specific technical characteristics of a 10-pair disconnection module include:

Capacity: True to its name, the module is engineered to handle ten wire pairs, allowing for individual connection or disconnection.

Design: The module features ten slots, each designed to accommodate one pair of wires. These slots are precisely engineered to hold the wires securely, ensuring stable connections.

Functionality: The module's design enables swift disconnection and reconnection of wire pairs. This is particularly beneficial in situations necessitating frequent modifications or tests. Each circuit can be independently managed without interfering with others.

Applications: The 10-pair disconnection module finds its usage predominantly in telephone exchanges, data centers, and other points of telecommunication distribution.

Construction and Durability: Owing to their significant role in network infrastructure, these modules are constructed with high-quality, robust materials to endure frequent usage.

Compliance with Standards: Most of these modules are manufactured in line with industry standards for performance, safety, and interoperability, making them versatile for a range of equipment and applications.

Installation: The 10-pair disconnection module is designed for straightforward installation and maintenance. They can be efficiently inserted or removed from a distribution frame, and individual wire pairs can be accessed with ease for connection or disconnection.

With these technical attributes, a 10-pair disconnection module is an indispensable tool in the telecommunications sector, offering reliable and flexible solutions for managing intricate wiring systems.


Fits on all LSA-PLUS back mount frames.

Reliable connections.

Suitable for use all xDSL and ADSL 2+ circuits.

Modular design and installation.

Based on LSA-PLUS connection technology.

Flexible indoor and outdoor use.

Robust long-term environmental stability.

Support LSA-PLUS series 2 accessories.

Over-voltage protection using 10 pair protection magazine.

Over-voltage & over-current protection using single pair protection (IPM).

Type Approved against TEC, MDF Spec. GR/CTN-01/04 May 2005.                       

Life: durability 250 cycles

Product Details:

 TypeRGP-TSF-101AStyleLSA-PLUS Krone Disconnection Module
Capacity 10 PairDimensions (HxWxD)


(Size: 20.5x40x123mm);

Contact resistance< 2.5 m ohmsInsulation resistance> 50 000 Mega ohms
Dielectric strength 2 KV rmsImpulse current5 kA ( 8/20 micro sec)
Cross talk ratio>60dB(50 kHz-21MHz)Plug-in loss<0.4dB(50 KHz-21MHz)

Housing: PBT/ABS, self-extinguishing UL94 V-0

Contact: Special Phosphor bronze with silver-plated.

Specification5/8/10 Pair


Main distribution frames of exchanges.

In cross-connection cabinets and terminating boxes.

In building entrance distributors.

In-floor distributors or in PABXs for voice and data distribution.


Order Info:

  Item No. Product Description
RGP-TSF-101A10 Pair LSA-PLUS Krone Disconnection Module
RGP-TSF-101B10 Pair LSA-PLUS Krone Connection Module
RGP-TSF-101C10 Pair Krone Profile Disconnection Module
RGP-TSF-101H19" Rack 15 Way Recessed Back Mount Frame With LSA-PLUS Module
RGP-TSF-202A10 Pairs 3 Pole Overvoltage Protection Magazine With Gas Discharge Tube


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